Passenger with Special Assistance

Passengers with reduced mobility or those who require special assistance

  1. Passengers who wish to request special services from the airline and have made a request during booking of a ticket The special service will be confirmed after the passenger has completed the booking procedures in accordance with the terms and conditions of the airline and has been considered by the airline based on the transportation regulations. In the event that a passenger requests a special service at the airport, it is necessary to check and confirm with the passenger whether they can accept you as a passenger. However, the airline is not responsible for the loss. Any wrongdoing, including any damages that occur Due to the inability to provide this special service
  2. Passengers with mobility disabilities and requesting special services Must notify the airline or call center of the airline at least 48 hours before departure to prepare special assistive equipment on request. The airline reserves the right to provide special services to passengers. That has notified you of requesting special services Which the airline can provide If not notified in advance The airline will try to allocate the service to meet the needs of passengers as appropriate, depending on the special service that can be provided or not at that time.
  3. For security reasons The airline can support up to 4 passengers with impaired mobility on the same flight. Which can accommodate a maximum of 2 passengers per flight per flight Other than that, the airline does not have Movement support equipment in the cabin For passengers with any mobility impairments
  4. Airlines may need to consider requesting to be accompanied by passengers. For safety reasons or in cases where passengers are unable to help themselves in an emergency or in cases where they cannot understand the flight safety demonstration In addition, passengers traveling together must be over 18 years of age and healthy enough to take care of passengers who need assistance.
  5. The special service provided by the airline Airlines may consider collecting additional costs for procuring these services. And there may be additional storage on the part of the traveling companion to assist as well.

Note: Additional information can be checked from Transport conditions Special service topics 6.10


Airlines classified passengers with disabilities as follows:

  1. WCHR: Passengers who require a wheelchair for ramps are passengers who can go up / down stairs and walk to / from the passenger seat. But must get help For arriving to / from the plane Which can receive a maximum of 4 people in each flight
  2. WCHS: Passengers requiring wheelchairs For ascending and descending stairs is a passenger who is not able to step up / down the stairs but can travel to / from the passenger seat It requires assistance to travel to / from the plane via ramp up and down. The maximum number of WCHS on each flight that can be received is 2 people and the total number of WCHR and WCHS can be received up to 4 people on each flight.
  3. WCHC: Passengers who require wheelchairs in the cabin. Is a passenger that cannot move completely Which must be assisted in ascending and descending stairs Including travel from / to passenger seats In the event that passengers need the equipment for a wheelchair on the flight Airlines do not allow transportation of the said device. In the event that passengers do not need the device on the flight, apply to be WCHS instead.

Other special assistance:

Conditions for accepting unaccompanied minors (YPTA), visually impaired passengers (BLND) / hearing impaired passengers (DEAF), sick passengers or other passengers requiring special assistance. Must be contacted in advance at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure. By contacting the ticket office or the airline's hotline According to our regulations

  1. DEAF / BLND is a passenger with severe hearing and vision impairments and can move around with the help of the accompanying person. The maximum number of DEAF / BLND passengers on each flight is 05 per flight.
  2. Acceptance conditions: Passengers must be accompanied by a companion. The name of the traveling companion must be notified to us, provided that they must travel and be accompanied by passengers on the same flight. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse to board the plane and return the plane ticket to the said passenger.

Passengers requiring stretcher, oxygen (STCR / OXYG)

  1. STCR is a service that provides a cradle for passengers on flights.
  2. OXYG is a service that provides oxygen to passengers on an airplane
  3. Acceptance conditions: The airline does not provide STCR / OXYG service. Passengers carrying their own oxygen cannot board the plane under any circumstances due to CAAT regulations.

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