1. Carry luggage

Each passenger is entitled to carry one item and / or 1 notebook bag or 1 carry bag into the cabin of the device. Each item must not exceed 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm and should not weigh more than 7 kg when combined with carry-on luggage. In addition, such luggage should be able to be stored under the seat in front of you or the compartment. Can be above the head

2. Checked baggage

Each piece of checked baggage must not exceed 119 cm x 119 cm x 81 cm and weight no more than 32 kg.

3. Baggage that is not permitted onboard

We reserve the right to refuse to carry luggage. If these items are found in your luggage

4. Baggage that is not allowed for registration

You cannot register property as baggage that must be registered. And you have to take the risk that may occur to the said assets if you Send the said property As checked luggage Such assets include money, precious stones, precious stones, silverware, computers, electronic devices. Documents that can be exchanged for money Securities or other valuables Business documents passport And other identification documents Or other things of similar nature by Substances must be signed by consent. In the document limiting the liability of the airline When checking in at the counter to show consent, do not make any claims to the airline.

5. Right to search

For security and security reasons The airline may ask you to undergo a search, x-ray or scan by other means to inspect you or your baggage. We reserve the right to search your baggage while you are not there to check if your baggage contains unacceptable or prohibited items. If you refuse to comply with such searches or scans The airline reserves the right to not allow you and your baggage to board. Which the airline will not pay back or accept any obligations In the event that a search or scan causes damage to you or your baggage The airline is not responsible for the said damage. Unless the damage is caused by the fault or negligence of the airline

6. Checked baggage

When you bring luggage to register for travel confirmation. The baggage will be handled by the airline. Which the airline will issue luggage tags For each piece of luggage Already registered Checked baggage must have your name or other identities securely attached. The checked baggage will be carried along with your flight. Unless the airline has chosen to carry the luggage on another flight for safety, security or operational reasons. If your registered baggage is loaded on the next flight We will return the luggage to you within a reasonable time once the flight has arrived. (Unless applicable law requires you to come to present to receive baggage to the customs authorities)