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Thai Vietjet (VZ) Conditions of Carriage 
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Article 1: Definition 
In the terms of carriage, the following particular expressions have the following meaning:

Tariff’ means the fees and charges as required by us and the relevant authorities.

Route’ means the flying distance which an aircraft covers from the airport at the place of departure to the airport at the place of destination

‘We’, ‘our’, ‘ourselves’ and ‘us’ mean Thai Vietjet Air Joint Stock Company Limited – Thai Vietjet.

Connecting flight’ means a subsequent flight providing onward travel under the same ticket, other type of ticket or on a conjunction ticket.

Convention’ means the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, which was signed in Warsaw on 12 October 1929 (hereinafter referred to as the Warsaw Convention), and the Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague on 28 September 1955 (hereinafter referred to as the amended Warsaw Convention at The Hague), and any other applicable protocol, convention or legal documents.

Authorized agent’ means a passenger ticket sales agent who we have appointed to represent us in the sale of air transportation products over our services and, when authorized, over the services of other air carriers.

Stopover‘ means a scheduled stop on a passenger’s journey, at a point between the place of departure and the place of destination.

Force majeure’ means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances which neither we nor passengers could control, and of which the consequences could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised.

Terms of carriage’ means the requirements or information related to the carriage which we have notified passengers, including the information displayed on tickets and/or on websites and/or in the approved Conditions of carriage and/or in other forms of announcement.

Conditions of contract’ means the terms and conditions printed on the paper or electronic ticket (The itinerary, Receipt or Confirmation of itinerary), which incorporate these Conditions of carriage and other information for reference.

Conditions of carriage’ means these conditions of carriage or those of other carriers as the case may be. They constitute a part of the contract of carriage which prescribes the conditions of the carrier in the carriage of passengers, baggage, goods, posts, parcels and letters by air.

Fare’ means the published fares and surcharges and/or the related terms of carriage. Fares are also submitted to the relevant authorities as the case may require.

Other carrier’ means any carrier other than us. These carriers’ codes are printed on the ticket or conjunction ticket.

Passenger’ means any individual, except for members of the operating crew, who are carried or to be carried on an aircraft with our consent.

Baggage’ means the personal properties accompanying passengers in connection with their journeys. Unless provided otherwise, it consists of both the checked and hand baggage.

Checked baggage’ means the baggage we have taken into our custody and for which we have issued a Baggage identification tag

Hand baggage’ means any baggage of passengers other than checked baggage. It includes all items which are brought on board by passengers and which are solely in passengers’ custody during flights.

Contract of carriage’ means the agreement between the carrier and the passenger on the provisions of services in accordance with the passenger’s requirements. The contract takes the forms of ticket or any equivalent of ticket.

Days’ means all seven days of the week in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.

Authority’ means any related governmental agency, governing body, or any authorized individuals or organizations.

SDR’ means Special Drawing Right as defined by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is an international unit of account based upon the values of several leading currencies. The values of SDR fluctuate and are re-calculated on a daily basis. These values are recognized by most commercial banks and are reported regularly in leading financial journals as well as the website of the IMF (www.imf.org).

Baggage identification tag’ means a document we issue to passengers to identify each piece of their Checked Baggage.

Damage’ includes death or wounding of a passenger, or any bodily injury suffered by a passenger, caused by an accident on the aircraft or during any of the operations of embarking or disembarking. It also means damage sustained in the event of the destruction or the total or partial loss of or damage to Baggage which occurs during carriage by air. In addition, it means the damage occasioned by delay in the carriage by air of passengers or baggage; or the damage to human, including death or body injury, and/or e total or partial loss of goods or baggage, and/or any other damage arising out of, or in connection with, the carriage or any other services we provide.

Check-in deadline’ means the time limit provided by the carrier by which passengers must complete check-in and receive boarding passes.

Website’ means our website at www.vietjetair.com.

Ticket’ means the electronic confirmation of itinerary issued and sent by us or our authorized agent to passengers via the email addresses registered in the bookings. Ticket should state passenger’s name, booking code, flight information and other information related to the journey.

Confirmation of itinerary‘ means the document we issue to passengers to confirm their itinerary and bookings.

You, your and yourself‘ mean any person, except members of the crew, carried or to be carried in an aircraft with our consent.


Article 2: Applicability

2.1. These Conditions of carriage apply to all our carriage services printed on the ticket, unless we provide otherwise in our regulations or other related contracts, certificates and tickets.

2.2. These Conditions of carriage and the carrier’s regulations are subject to change at any time and such change will be published on our website. The Conditions of carriage and the essential parts of the regulations are also published widely and passengers may request for details at any time.

2.3. Governing Law: In the event of inconsistency between any provision in these Conditions of carriage, or in connection with them by reference, and the provisions in the Convention or in any current law, governmental regulation, decree, or with any request being irrevocable by any means of agreement between related parties, such provision will not be applied. The nullification of any provision does not affect the validity of any other provision.

2.4. Conditions prevailing: In the event of inconsistency between these conditions of carriage and our regulations, the Conditions of carriage shall prevail.

2.5. Charter flights: If the carriage is performed pursuant to a charter agreement, these Conditions of carriage apply only to the extent they are incorporated by reference or otherwise, in the ticket or the agreement with passengers.

2.6. Code share flights: On some services, we may have arrangements with other carriers known as ‘code shares’. This means that even if you have a reservation with us and hold a ticket showing our name or Airline Designator code is indicated us as the carrier, another carrier may operate the aircraft. If such arrangement applies to a flight, we will advise the passengers of the name of the other carrier who will be operating the aircraft at the time the passengers make reservations.


Article 3: Tickets

3.1. The Ticket or itinerary is the principal evidence of the contract for carriage between the Passenger and Thai VietJet. The Ticket, these conditions and conditions of contract (including applicable Tariffs) together constitute the contract of carriage between the two parties.

3.2. The Ticket can only be used by the named Passenger and for the flight specified.

3.3. We will provide carriage only to the Passenger named in the Ticket, and you may be required to produce appropriate identification.

3.4. The Ticket is only transferable as provided in these Conditions of Carriage and Conditions of Contract and the periodical fees table.


Article 4: Tickets/Prices/Fares

4.1. Fares mean the prices we announce at the time of the purchase of tickets and exclude any tax, fee and charge. Unless otherwise we have other announcement or other regulations from time to time, fares only cover the carriage from the airport at the place of departure to the airport at the place of destination; and do not include any fee for ground services in the airport and for the transport from the airport to the city. We are strictly a point-to-point carrier and shall not be held responsible for the failure of Passengers to make any Connecting Flights that they might have.

4.2. Service fees for infants aged from fourteen (14) days to two (2) years old at the time of the departure are published in the tariff on our website or on our booking system. Infant(s) must sit in the lap(s) of their accompanied adult passenger(s). One (1) adult passenger may only accompany one (1) infant. However, neither prams nor pushchairs are allowed on board. 

4.3. Passengers must pay all taxes, fees, charges and surcharges imposed by government or other authorities, or the airport operators, or us or other carriers. Passengers will be notified about the taxes, fees, charges and surcharges; most of which will normally be shown separately on the ticket.

4.4. We hold no responsibility for the carriage of passengers and baggage, and reserve the right to refuse if all applicable fares, taxes, fee and charges have not been paid.

4.5. Fares, taxes, fees, charges and surcharges are payable in the currency prescribed on our system, unless stated otherwise by the law or by the authorities.


Article 5: Stopover

5.1. Stopovers may be permitted at Agreed Stopping Places subject to relevant authorities’ requirements and our Regulations.

5.2. Stopovers must be arranged with Carrier(s) in advance and specified on the Ticket.


Article 6: Reservations

6.1. Reservations are made on our website or through our Authorized Agents or our Hotline. After completing reservations, passengers will receive reservation codes.

6.2. Confirmation of reservations: After completing the payment via our booking system, passengers will receive tickets which show the confirmation codes of the reservations.

6.3. In the events wherein the booking is made only twenty four (24) hours prior to the departure or wherein promotional tickets are concerned, the tickets must be fully paid for before any reservation or confirmation code is issued.

6.4. Changes to reservations, including passengers’ names, flights, routes or departures, are prescribed as follows:

6.4.1. General conditions: Only equal or higher ticket class other than the original purchased one is accepted. Passengers must pay all fees related to changes of reservations and fare difference (if any) due to the changes to reservation.

Where passengers wish to change to flight/route with lower fare and agree for no refund on the fare difference, we will proceed with the changes to routes for passengers.

The changes are only completed after the passengers fulfill the payment according to our published Tariff from time to time and fare difference (if any). We will update the changed information to passengers’ ticket.

6.4.2. Specific conditions for each travel class:

a. SkyBoss Ticket Class
SkyBoss ticket fare includes 10kgs hand baggage, 30kgs checked baggage and special services such as: Luxurious lounges (not available in Thai domestic airports), check-in procedure priority, SkyBoss shuttle service to the aircraft (in the case of the airport does not have aero bridge), seat selection priority on the aircraft.

Passengers can change flight schedule without charge for SkyBoss ticket with the following conditions:
- Changes to flights, departure time, and journey are free of charge up to 03 hours before the scheduled departure time. Changed ticket price must be equal to or higher than the purchased ticket. If the price of new ticket is higher than the purchased ticket, the difference shall be paid upon changes.
- The entire amount of ticket fare shall be lost if passengers cancel the ticket at any time or fail to go on board of the registered flights. This ticket class is not subject to refund or subsequent reservation except for our regulations of Refund at Article 11 below.

 b. Deluxe Ticket Class

Deluxe ticket fare includes 7kgs hand baggage, and 20kgs checked baggage and extra services such as: Priority check-in, normal seat selection on the aircraft

Passengers can change flight schedule without charge for Deluxe ticket with the following conditions:
- Changes to flights, departure time, and journey are free of charge up to 03 hours before the scheduled departure time. Changed ticket price must be equal to or higher than the purchased ticket. If the price of new ticket is higher than the purchased ticket, the difference shall be paid upon changes.
- The entire amount of ticket fare shall be lost if passengers cancel the ticket at any time or fail to go on board of the registered flights. This ticket class is not subject to refund or subsequent reservation except for our regulations of Refund at Article 11 below.

 c. Eco Ticket Class

Eco ticket fare includes 7kgs hand baggage, and excludes checked baggage. Passengers should purchase checked baggage if necessary.

Passengers can change flight schedule with the following conditions:
- Changes to flights, departure time, journey are only accepted at least 03 hours before the scheduled departure time and passengers must pay the changing fee applicable every time of change. Changed ticket price must be equal to or higher than the purchased ticket. If the price of new ticket is higher than the purchased ticket, the difference shall be paid upon changes.

The entire amount of ticket fare shall be lost if passengers cancel the ticket at any time or fail to go on board of the registered flights. This ticket class is not subject to refund or subsequent reservation except for our regulations of Refund at Article 11 below.

6.5. Ticket must be fully paid before we confirm the reservation. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation and refuse the carriage if the ticket has not been fully paid in any circumstances.

6.6. Personal information: Passengers agree that their personal information are provided to us for the purpose of making reservation, completing booking, buying ancillary services, developing or providing services, assisting the migration procedures, and submitting to the authorities, in connection with the journeys. For all these purposes, passengers authorize us to retain and use such information and to transmit it to our own offices, our authorized agents, the authorities, or other service providers.

We may use personal information that the passengers provide us or we collect, including information about how passengers complete the payment process or how they use our services and facilities, for the purposes of:

6.7. Advance seating reservations (ASR): Passengers may make advance seating reservations at the time of the bookings or at least three (3) hours prior to departure and at the fee published in our tariff. We will endeavor to honor such requests; however, subject to operational, safety or security reasons, we reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time, even if passengers have boarded the aircraft. In the event of change, cancellation or delay of flights, in regard to passengers with successful advance seat reservations, we will proceed with one of the following steps:

a. Arrange the exact seating in accordance with their reservations on the next flights;

b. Arrange the equivalent seating to their reservations on the next flights; or

c. Arrange any vacant seat for passengers and refund the fees for advance seat reservations to passengers

6.8. Seating: We will endeavor to honor the seating requests of passengers; however we do not guarantee any particular seat on board. Passengers will be assigned with seats upon check-in. We reserve the right to assign or reassign passengers’ seats at any time, even if passengers have boarded the aircraft. Change of seating may arise out of operational, safety and security reasons, or the authorities’ requirement, or concerns about passengers’ health.

6.9. In-flight services: During flights, services including entertainment and meals are not refundable or transferrable after their purchases. We reserve the right to modify or adjust service fees, or replace any products in our on-board services without advance notice. Passengers must present their boarding passes to crews to receive the services they have purchased.

6.10 Special services:

a. We will endeavor to honor the special requests of passengers stated at the time of booking in accordance with our capabilities. We will notify passengers if we cannot provide such special services. The special requests of passengers will be confirmed after we have consulted these Conditions of carriage or after passengers have fulfilled the procedures as required by these Conditions of carriage. In regard to requests for special services at the airport, we will check the service conditions and confirm with passengers if they will be carried. However, we hold no liability for any loss, charge, violation to the contracts, or any other damages arising out of our inability to provide services in accordance with the advance requests of passengers.

b. Passengers with difficulties in movement and request of any special services should inform our ticket offices or Hotline at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time to arrange special assistance devices upon requests. We will carry the passengers provided that we can arrange special conditions to satisfy the passengers’ special requests. If do not inform us at the time of your special needs, we will nevertheless use reasonable efforts (see**Note**) to accommodate your special needs If passengers fail to inform us in advance about the need of special services, we only try to provide the passengers the special requests if any.

c. For safety reasons, we only carry maximum four (04) passengers with limited movement ability on the same flights, in which maximum two (02) passengers with limited ability to go up and down the staircase of the aircraft. We do not provide movement supporting device on the cabin.

d. We may require passengers to have a companion for safety reason or if passengers cannot escape in emergency circumstance or passengers are not able to understand the safety instructions on flight. Passengers accompanying the passengers who are unable to escape when emergency must be older than 18 and healthy enough to be able to help the accompanied passengers to escape.

e. With regards to some special services we provide, we may, at our discretion, levy a charge for the provision of these services and passengers may be requested an accompany passenger.


6.10.1 TVJ classifies passengers with limited movement capability into 3 categories below

a. WCHR: Passengers requiring wheelchair for ramp are passengers who can ascend/ descend steps and make own way to/from cabin seat, but requiring assistance for distance to/from aircraft across ramp. The maximum number of WCHR on each flight: 04 passengers

b. WCHS: Passengers requiring wheelchair for steps are passengers who cannot  ascend/ descend steps, but are able to make own way to/from cabin seat, requiring assistance for distance to/from aircraft across ramp and up/down steps. The maximum number of WCHS on each flight: 02 passengers. The total number of WCHR and WCHS maximum on each flight: 04 passengers

c. WCHC: Passengers requiring wheelchair for cabin are passengers who are completely immobile, requiring assistance to/from aircraft, up/down steps and to/from cabin seat. In case passengers require wheelchair equipment on board, TVJ is unable to accept carriage. In case passengers do not require equipment on board, apply as WCHS

d. Conditions of acceptance: for WCHS and WCHC, passengers must be accompanied by an escort.

e. We do not accept battery operated wheelchair or mobility devices. 


6.11 Other special assistance:

Acceptance for carriage of young passenger travelling alone (YPTA – on domestic flights only), Blind (BLND)/Deaf (DEAF) passengers, passengers with illness or other passengers requiring special assistance is subject to prior arrangement with us (at least 48 hours before schedule time of departure by TVJ/VJC ticket offices or hotline) and in accordance with Our Regulations.

a. DEAF/BLND is a passenger with severe hearing and vision impairment and can only move around with the help of an accompanying person. The maximum number of DEAF/BLND passengers on each flight: 05 passengers.

b. Conditions of acceptance: passenger must be accompanied by an escort. The name of escort must be given to us provided that such escort must be traveling and accompanying such passenger in the same flight; otherwise, we reserve the right to deny boarding and refund airfare to such passenger.                          


6.12 Passengers requiring stretcher, oxygen (STCR/OXYG)

a. STCR is a service providing stretcher to passenger on board.

b. OXYG is a service providing oxygen to passenger on board.

c. Conditions of acceptance: TVJ does not provide STCR/OXYG service. Passenger own Oxygen is forbidden on all flight of TVJ 


** Note**
- Requests must be made at least 48 hours before STD.
- Special service for passenger are only accepted via Ticket offices (include TVJ, VJC ticket offices and outsourced) and Call center
- Passengers health is well enough to make the flight. In case of illness, passengers must complete medical clearance according to "Provisions for passengers require medical clearance before flights" to ensure healthy enough to make the flight
- In  case  that  passengers   have  not  requested  a  special service for wheelchairs, BLND and/or DEAF  in advance and require special services at the airport, TVJ Representative / SM  will check the conditions of acceptance, given  the condition that passengers’ escort must be accompanying to provide the assistance during the flight and boarding, based on the passenger's status and the actual situation at departure/ arrival terminals, then make the decision to accept or refuse carriage. 


Article 7: Check-in

7.1. Passengers must arrive at check-in counters as per specified time to ensure the completion of all essential procedures before the departure of the aircraft. We open the check-in counter two (02) hours prior to the scheduled departure time for domestic flights; and 03 hours prior to the scheduled departure time for international flights departed from Thailand; and 03 hours prior to the scheduled departure time for international flights departing outside Thailand. The closing time of the counter (completion of check-in) is 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure times for both domestic and international flights. Check-in procedures may vary among airports and specific flights. We reserve the right to refuse check-in for passengers and hold no liability in the following events wherein:

a. Passengers request check-in after the check-in deadlines, which are 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure times for both domestic and international flights;

b. Passengers do not hold any form of identification as required by the authorities or fail to provide any proof of identity to our staff;

c. Passengers do not hold sufficient travel documents, or permits or visas to enter certain countries and territories as required by the authorities;

d. Passengers fail to fulfill the payment of any fare, fee or charge to us;

e. Passengers commit any act of violence towards our staff, or cause public disorder at check-in counters, or insult our staff physically and verbally

f. Passengers have been banned by the governments or authorities from checking-in or boarding on any certain flights;

g. Passengers are unfit for travel due to, in our judgment, drunkenness or obvious mental or physical state;

h. Passengers are unfit for travel due to their mental or physical status or health conditions which, in our judgment, is in danger or may pose a risk to other passengers.

7.2. Self-check-in: We may provide self-check-in service depending on actual situation. The detailed conditions and guidance for this service are published on our website and subject to change at any time without advance notice.

7.3. If the seats are not available even the seat confirmation has been provided to passengers, passengers may choose one of the following options:

a. We carry passengers on the next possible flights in our schedule without any additional fee or charge.

b. We freeze passengers’ fares in our system and allow them to choose another departure time within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the day this option is selected.

c. We refund to passengers if the above options are not selected

7.4. Boarding: Passengers must arrive at boarding gates at least forty (40) minutes prior to the scheduled departure times. We close the boarding gates fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled departure times. We reserve the rights to refuse the carriage if passengers fail to arrive at boarding gates at the closing time.

7.5. Absence: If passengers fail to complete check-in or board the flights on time prior to departures, the fares paid by passengers will not be refunded under any circumstance.

7.6. We hold no liability under any circumstance if (i) passengers do not hold required documents such as passport, visa, health certificate and other documents, or (ii) their passports, visas, health certificates and other documents are expired or invalid, or (iii) their documents do not conform to the law, regulations, decrees, requirements, requests, rules and guidance.

7.7. Certificates of identification: Prior to departures, passengers must present to us all travel documents as prescribed by the law, regulations, decrees, requirements or conditions of the related countries, including passport, visa, migration certificate and other documents. Passengers must authorize us, at our requests, to retain and make copies of their passports or other equivalent forms of identification. These documents will be transferred to and remain with crews until the end of flights. We reserve the right to refuse carriage if passengers do not comply with these requirements or their documents appear invalid.

7.8. Refusal of entry: If, under any circumstance, passengers are banned from entry to any country or territory and we are ordered by the related governments or migration agencies to return passengers to the places of departure or any other place, passengers must pay us all carriage fares and/or any applicable fines and such payment is not refundable to passengers.

7.9. Fines and detentions costs: If we are caused to pay or place any deposit for any fine or cost arising out of passengers’ inability to comply with the law, regulations, orders, conditions or requests at the place of departure, transit or destination, or out of passengers’ inability to present all required travel documents, passengers must repay us the amount we have paid or any costs paid or to be paid as a result. We may offset this amount from the value of any unused part of passengers’ tickets or from any the value of any payment which we have to render to passengers.

7.10. Security screening: Passengers must comply with all measures of security screening or health check as required by the authorities, airport officials or us.


Article 8: Refusal and limitation of carriage 

8.1 Refusal of carriage: We reserve the right to refuse to carry any passenger or passenger’s baggage (even if passengers hold valid tickets or boarding passes), if we consider:

a. Such refusal to carry is necessary for safety and security reasons;

b. Such refusal to carry is necessary to comply with the law, regulations or orders of any country, whenever it is the place of departure, transit, passing or destination.

c. Passengers’ behaviors, positions, ages, mental states or baggage conditions may:

d. Passengers have committed misconduct on previous flights and such misconduct is likely to repeat;

e. Passengers do not comply or commit any conduct of possibilities not to comply with our guidelines;

f. Passengers refuse or do not comply fully with security screening; we have sufficient proof proving that passengers have been refused to entry to the country of destination;

g. Passengers fail to make full payment of the applicable fares, taxes, fees or charges;

h. It appears to fraud in the payment of passengers;

i. Passengers do not hold valid travel documents;

j. Passengers have completed the bookings by committing fraud, employing illegal methods or with the assistance of entities other than our authorized agents;

k. The credit cards that passengers have used to complete payment are reported lost, stolen or fraudulent;

l. The confirmations of itinerary or the electronic tickets of passengers are counterfeit or acquired unlawfully;

m. The confirmations of itinerary have been significantly modified or altered without our approval or our authorized agents (in those cases we reserve the right to retrieve those documents); and/or

n. We are required by the authorities.

8.2. Children: Children under 12 years old are not carried unless they are accompanied by passengers who are 18 years old or older. For children 12 to 14 years of age who are not accompanied by passengers 18 years old or older, they are required to register services for unaccompanied minors with our authorized Agents or our Hotline at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure times.

8.3. Pregnant passengers: Passengers who are pregnant must notify us of their pregnancy when they purchase tickets and at check-in counters. The carriage of pregnant women depends on the following conditions:

a. Women under 27th week of their pregnancy must sign consent forms at check-in to exclude any liability on our side for any arising circumstances.

b. Women between the 28th and 32nd week of their pregnancies must:

c. Women who are pregnant for more than 32 weeks are not to be carried on our services.


Article 9: Baggage

9.1. We reserve the right to refuse to carry the following baggage or items in baggage:

a. Items which are not properly packed (as specified in Clause 9.4 Checked baggage and Clause 9.5 hand baggage), in suitcases or in other appropriate containers to ensure their safe carriage in normal conditions;

b. Items which are likely to endanger aircrafts, or persons or properties on board, such as those specified in Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air of the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Dangerous Goods Regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and our Conditions of carriage and regulations;

c. Items which are prohibited by the applicable law, regulations or orders of any countries, whenever it is the place of departure, transit, passing or destination;

d. Items which are, as we reasonably believe, unsuitable for carriage by reasons of their weight, shape, size or character;

e. Items are fragile or perishable;

f. Live or dead animals;

g. Remains: in certain cases, remains may be carried as checked or hand baggage, provided that they are properly packed according to the carriage specifications, in appropriate crematory urns, put in boxes, sealed in sturdy and air-tight containers, and accompanied with certificates of death and medical quarantine;

h. Smelly foods (durian, jackfruit, fish sauce and other types of fermented foods, etc.);

i. Fresh or frozen seafood and meat, unless they fulfill our packing specifications and can be carried as checked or hand baggage; only foam lined and/or insulated boxes containing dry un-spoilt foods may proceed at check-in after their contents have been inspected by the authorities; if passengers refuse to submit them to inspection, we reserve the right to refuse their carriage;

j. Explosives; flammable or non-flammable gases (aerosols, butane, or lighter refills); coolants (diving cylinders, liquid nitrogen); flammable liquid (paints, thinners, solvents); flammable solids (matches, lighters); organic compounds of oxygen (latex); poisonous and infectious substance (virus, bacteria); radioactive substances (radium); corrosive agents (acids, bases, mercury, thermometer); magnetic substances; oxidizing agents (bleaches); and

k. Weapons including firearms (tear-gas guns, rubber bullet guns, laser guns, nail guns, electromagnetic guns, flare guns, sport guns, etc.); ammunition; swords, rubber whips; electric shock batons, gloves; tear-gas, asphyxiate, poisonous or an aesthetic grenades; metal handcuffs and plastic handcuffs; and other equivalent offensive items.


9.2. Items unsuitable as baggage

9.2.1. Passengers must not include in checked baggage items which are fragile or perishable (fresh or perishable foods, etc.), or other precious and/or valuable items such as pieces of arts, video recorders, cameras, money, jewelry, precious metals and stones, computers, electronic devices, documents which can be exchanged for money, securities certificates, negotiating documents, contracts, business documents, samples, forms of identification, etc.

9.2.2. We hold no liability for any loss or damage occurred to passengers if they include the items specified in Clause 9.2.1 in baggage, with or without our acknowledgement.

9.3. Right of inspection: For safety and security reasons, we may ask passengers to authorize us to perform security screening on themselves and their baggage. If passengers are absent upon request, we will still inspect their baggage for the purpose of confirming if passengers carry or their baggage include items specified in Clause 9.1. If passengers refuse screening, we reserve the right to refuse the carriage of such passengers and their baggage. In the event of any loss or damage to passengers or baggage arising out of security screening, such as the use of scanning devices, we hold no liability for such damage or loss unless due to our fault.

9.3.1  For Syringe / Injection Needle / Injection Pen Acceptance Policy: Passenger can carry Syringe / Injection Needle / Injection Pen on one’s own as per mentioned in the doctor certificate only. The doctor certificate should be issued within 90 days from the date of journey. The certificate should be presented upon check-in process and it should clearly mention ‘THE QUANTITY OF DOSAGE TO BE USED DURING THE FLIGHT’ (how many pieces of the Syringe / Injection Needle / Injection Pen to be used during the flight)”. For the extra Syringe / Injection Needle / Injection Pen, which exceeds than the doctor certificate mentioned, shall be put in the passenger’s check-in baggage.

9.4. Checked baggage:

When baggage is checked and delivered to us, we will take custody of them and issue baggage identification tag to each item of the checked baggage.
Passengers’ names or personal identification must be affixed on their checked baggage.

Checked baggage is carried on the same aircraft as passengers. However, if we reasonably consider that such practice may not be possible for safety, security or operational reasons, we will carry baggage on another flight. In that case, the checked baggage shall be carried and delivered to passengers, unless the law requires passengers to complete customs clearance as prescribed.
We charge passengers for the carriage of checked baggage. Passengers may purchase checked baggage allowances provided in our current policy as published from time to time. Passengers whose checked baggage exceeds the purchased baggage allowances will be charged for each kilogram of baggage in excess at check-in counters. Baggage charge is neither refundable nor transferrable.
Any item of checked baggage must not exceed thirty two (32) kilograms in weight. The excess weight must be separated and packed into smaller items upon check-in. We refuse to carry any baggage which is not properly packed. Under any circumstance, we hold no liability (i) for any damage due to the failure of passengers to comply with the requirement of baggage weight or of separation and re-packing, or (ii) for the refusal to carry excess weighing baggage.

Sport equipment can be carried in aircraft hold after passengers have acknowledged and accepted the potential risks, and paid the charges specified in our tariff. As a result, passengers are advised to buy any necessary insurance for such equipment.

9.5. Hand baggage: Passengers (except infants - aged under 02 years old), are allowed to carry one main item and one small item with the maximum total weight of seven (7) kilograms on board. The main item must not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm in dimensions. The small item can only include women’s bags, laptops, books, magazines, cameras, children’s food containers, duty-free goods, etc. Hand baggage must be able to be fitted under seats or in on-board baggage compartments. Baggage which we consider to exceed the weight and dimensions specified in our regulations will not be carried on board. Musical instruments which exceed the dimension limit for unchecked hand but weight under seventy five (75) kilograms can be carried on board if passengers have purchased extra seats and paid applicable charges for them.

 If passengers’ hand baggage does not conform to our regulations or other aviation security and safety regulations, they can be carried as checked baggage or refused of carriage. If they are carried as checked baggage, they will be charged as excess baggage at the airport.

 9.6. Collecting baggage by passengers: Passengers must collect checked baggage as soon as they are available upon arrival at destination. If passengers do not collect their checked baggage within a reasonable time, we have to store them and impose storage fee on passengers. If passengers do not claim checked baggage within sixty (60) days from the date we make it available, we may dispose of it without any liability to the passengers. Perishable items may be disposed of before such deadline. The amount received from such disposal shall be returned to the authorized person after deducting the relevant costs related to transportation, storage and disposal of baggage; or shall be submitted to state budget if the authorized receivers do not claim for the receivable amount within 180 days since disposal of the baggage. Only the holder of the baggage identification tag can claim the baggage collection. If a person claiming the collection of checked baggage cannot present the baggage identification tag, that person must provide proof of ownership over that piece. When the holder of the baggage identification tag accepts the baggage without any complaints at the time of delivery, it is considered evidence that the baggage is delivered in full and in accordance with the contract of carriage.


Article 10: Schedules and change of flights schedules

10.1. Schedules: Departure and flight times shown in schedules are subject to change between the date of publication and the actual date when passengers travel.

10.2. Changes in schedules, cancellation of flights: At the time passengers accept the reservation and booking on our flights, we or our authorized agents inform the passengers about the scheduled departure time at that moment and such information is present in passengers’ ticket. If necessary, we can change the flight schedule and/or cancellation, termination, change of flight route, or delay of any flights, as we consider reasonably satisfying the cases beyond our control due to safety or commercial reasons. In case of changes in flight schedules or flight cancellation, the following measures shall be applied in accordance with current law and our regulations:

a. Transfer passengers to another flight with open seats without any additional charges; or

b. Make a reservation for the passengers’ fares to use in the future, provided that passengers must use the reservation within 180 days since the request of reservation; or

c. Refund to passengers, including service fares, tax, fee that we collect and free of refund charge.

d. Depending on flight delay duration, or the scheduled departure time of replacing flight, we provide meal service, accommodation, means of transportation in accordance with the current law and our regulations.

10.3. Disclaimer about flight cancellation and schedule change: We are limited to or excluded from liability for flight cancellation and schedule change in the following cases:

a. If we have notified passengers at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled departure times, or if passengers have not provided any email address or telephone number, or passengers cannot be reached via the registered address or telephone numbers;

b. Passengers are carried to their scheduled places of destination within three (3) hours of their scheduled arrival times or within six (6) hours, if the scheduled flights are connecting flights,.

c. Technical incidents during aircraft operation, starting from when the captains sign to take over the aircrafts until the landing of aircrafts;

d. Armed conflicts, political unrests, strike, airport closure, incapacity of other relevant service providers to the flights, and other force majeure event.

e. Flight cancellation or schedule change is due to the following reasons, including weather conditions, security risks affected to the safe operation of aircrafts; flights cannot take off since orders of the authorities but not due to the carrier’s fault. In addition to the disclaimer of Non-refundable prepaid compensation, we are exempted from the liability to provide the services mentioned in item d Article 10.2 of these Conditions of carriage.


Article 11: Refund

11.1. Voluntary refunds: The travel class decides whether a ticket is eligible for refund or not. If applicable, instead of cash, refund is made by carrying fares over as credit for subsequent reservations (Credit shell). However, under particular circumstances, by influence of force majeure or pursuant to the law, we may consider the refunds in cash or via bank transfer.

11.2. Involuntary refunds: In the event of flight cancellation, or delay with the delay time within our planned Policy and in accordance with the Flight delay or cancellation specified in Civil Aviation Act and concerned circulars, decrees, etc., passengers may choose to receive refund in credit shell, cash or via bank transfer. Cash refunds are made at our authorized agents and at our designated ticket offices or to bank account provided by the passengers.

11.3. Form of refund payment: In case of eligible refund, except otherwise regulated or applied where permitted, the refund amount can only be made through form(s) of payment which were originally used to pay the booking.

11.4. Refund currency: We normally make refund in the currency used to purchase the ticket. In certain cases, conversion is only possible upon our approval.

11.5. Refund payer: All staff and office of our authorized agents or all our departments or units which work in connection with the refund procedures may precede the refunds to customers.

11.6. Refusal to refund

- We may refuse to refund if the request is made after the validity of the ticket;

- We may refuse to refund if passengers are denied of carriage for their failure to comply with the safety and security measures.


Article 12: Behavior on aircraft

12.1. While being on board of an aircraft’s, if passengers commit any of the following actions: (i) criminal offence; (ii) threaten aviation safety and security; (iii) threaten or abuse members of the crew or other passengers; (iv) fail to comply with the safety, order and discipline instructions of the captain or of a member of the crew delivering on behalf of the captain; (v) damage on-board equipment and properties; (vi) use drugs; (vii) smoke, even in the toilets; (viii) other conducts which contrast to the fine traditions and customs, and public orders, we will proceed with necessary security measures to intercept such acts. We may ask such passengers to leave the aircraft, or deliver them to the authorities at the places of take-off or landing, refuse to carry such passengers termly or permanently on the flights we operate, or prosecute them according to legal regulations.

12.2. If passengers commit any acts specified in Clause 12.1, we reserve the rights to request such passengers to pay for any damages arising out of their conducts, including costs related to emergency landing, damages to human and properties, and other damages occurred to us, our authorized agents, our staff, our service providers, our passengers and the third parties.

12.3. For safety and security reasons, we may exclude or limit the use of electronic devices on board, including but not limited to mobile phones, laptops, portable recorders, portable radios, CD players, gaming devices or other transmitting devices such as radio-controlled toys and walkie-talkies. Hearing aids and pacemakers are allowed on board.

12.4. Passengers cannot bring foods for on-board consumption. Small kids’ foods are allowed to carry on board for kids’ use only. Smoking is prohibited on all our services.


Article 13: Liability limitation

13.1. General application

Our liability for the proved damages to passengers, including death or bodily injury arising out of or in connection with carriage on flight operated by us, are governed by the rules and limitations stipulated in the Convention, the Law on Civil Aviation of Thailand and other official guidelines of the Authorities.

Our liability for the death, wounding and other bodily injury of passengers is limited to the equivalent of 100,000 SDRs (one hundred thousand SDRs) per passenger, including legal costs.

We are only liable for damages sustained by passengers during carriage by aircraft, unless such damages are attributable to the physical conditions of passengers. If damages to passengers are self-inflicted, we are excluded or limited from the responsibility for compensation.

Pursuant to Clause 22 (1) of the Convention, for international carriage on flights operated by us, as stipulated in the Convention, our liability for the death, wounding and other bodily injury of passengers is limited to the equivalent of 100,000 SDRs per passenger, including legal costs.

No provision in these Conditions of carriage is perceived as disadvantageous to the rights and responsibilities of the carriers in regard to any complaints made by one person or the representative of this person when this person causes intentionally any death, wounding or bodily injury to other passengers.

13.2. Our liability for damage to baggage: We are not liable for damages caused by any flaw in terms of character such as damage to bag strap, lock, scratch, scrap, small cut, small stain. Comparatively, we are not liable for any reasonable wear and tear of baggage caused by normal movements and knocks during carriage by air.
We will compensate for damage to baggage based on the general condition wherein compensation varies in accordance with actual damages but does not exceed our limit of liability. Passengers must prove actual damages to their baggage. 

13.3. Our liability for damages to passengers caused by delay: For delay to baggage that passengers who are not permanent residents at the places of destination and are unable to collect checked baggage within twenty four (24) hours of their arrival at the places of destination.

13.4. Outside the scope of the Warsaw Convention: In the events wherein the carriage of passengers does not comply with the regulations on liability prescribed in the Warsaw Convention. The following regulations apply:

a. Our liability for damage shall be reducing if the cause is contributed to by passengers, as prescribed in the applicable law.
b. We are not liable for damage to checked or hand baggage, unless it is caused by the negligence of us.
c. Except for the execution or non-execution with the intent to cause damage, or for the negligence despite the knowledge of possible damages, our liability for damage to checked and hand baggage is limited at the values stated in our tariff. If the Baggage Identification Tag does not show the weight, the baggage is considered within the specific baggage allowance for each related travel class. Wherein the checked baggage is stated with higher value in writing, our liability shall be limited at that stated value.
d. We are not liable for damage to baggage of passengers arising from our compliance with the government law and regulations or to passengers’ failure to comply with such law and regulations.
e. Unless stated otherwise in these Conditions of carriage, we are only liable for damage which can be proven and compensated, loss which can be proven and costs provided by the applicable law.
f. We are not liable for any damage to baggage which is caused by passengers. Passengers are liable for damage which is caused by their baggage to other passengers and properties, including our properties.
g. We are not liable for any damage to items which, either as checked or hand baggage, are advised against in Clause 9.2 of these Conditions of carriage.
h. We are not liable for the sickness, or disability, including death, which are is caused by the physical conditions of passengers or the aggravation of those conditions.
i. The contracts of carriage include these Conditions of carriage, and the exclusions or limits of liability apply to our Authorized agents, staff, labors and representatives in the same way as they apply to us. The total amount of compensation which passengers can recover from us, our authorized agents, staff, labors and representatives will not exceed the total amount of our liability, if any.
j. No provision in these Conditions of carriage or the contracts of carriage gives up any exclusion or limit of liability to which we are entitled to under the Warsaw Convention or any applicable law, unless we say otherwise.


Article 14: Time limits for complaints and claims

14.1. When passengers accept baggage without complaint at the time of delivery, it shall be considered sufficient evidence that the baggage has been delivered in full and in accordance with the contract of carriage, unless passengers provide with clear evidence otherwise.

14.2 Time limits for complaints:

All complaints about damages to checked baggage are accepted if the rightful owners of baggage submit to us their complaints in writing within the following time limits:

- Seven (7) days since the receipt of baggage in the case of missing or damage.

- Seven (7) days since the supposed receipt of baggage in case of loss of one or multiple pieces of baggage.

- Twenty-one (21) days since the receipt of baggage in case of the delayed carriage of baggage.

14.3. Time limits for claims

Any claim for compensation for damage to passengers and baggage must be made within two years of the actual/scheduled arrivals of the aircraft at the place of destination, or the termination date of carriage. The calculation of time is provided by the law of the place where court processes the claim.


Article 15: Amendment and disclaimer

15.1. None of our staff or authorized agents may amend, alter or remove any provision in these Conditions of carriage or in our regulations.

15.2. The provisions in these Conditions of carriage are subject to change at any time without notice, provided that those amendments do not apply to the current contracts of carriage and that they are approved by the authorities.


Article 16: Other conditions

The carriage of passengers and baggage is also provided in accordance with our regulations and other applicable and recognized regulations.