Thai Vietjet Pilot Recruitment Non Type Batch 12 (Captain and First Officer) within 27 Aug 21

Thai Vietjet Pilot Recruitment non type (Captain and First Officer)


Qualifications Requirements:

- Age < 60 years old

- Bachelor Degree

- Holder of a valid ATPL or CPL

- Minimum ICAO English Proficiency level 4

- No Criminal Record


Document Checklist:

- Pilot application form (Download with 2 photos of 1x1 inch (wearing flight crew uniform)

- Passport (at least 1 year validity)

- Identification Card

- House registration certificate

- Current Resume

- Valid ATPL or CPL (with any Valid Type Rating)

- Medical Certificate (class 1 only)

- Logbooks (front page where identified the pilot & last 3 pages),

- Previous Company Certificate (if applicable)

- Previous Company Resignation Letter

Please submit required documents via email to within 27 August 2021