Travel Document

Travel Document (VZ)

Domestic Flights

International flights 

Travel documents Must be in perfect condition And has not expired Accepting travelers only for those who hold passports And passports must be valid for more than 6 months. Exceptions may apply in certain countries with clear requirements. Other travel documents such as visa (visa), return flight tickets / connecting plane tickets Living factors and / or various health requirements Must meet the requirements from the database of the International Air Transport Association

Children aged 14 days to 12 years old who do not travel with a parent or legal guardian Must have a consent letter from a parent or legal guardian, with which consent must attach a copy of the ID card of the father or mother Or a legal guardian That has been certified true copy Attached to the consent letter Children aged 12 and under 16 cannot travel alone on an international flight. Children aged 12 and under 16 who wish to travel on international flights Must travel with a guardian aged not less than 18 years of age

Travel documents for Vietjet Air flights  (VJ)

For flights in Vietnam:

All passengers (including children, accompanied by adults) must present their identity card in compliance with the airline safety regulations. The identity document type, with the following images, will be accepted with valid conditions. (Not expired):


For foreign passengers, must present a passport or ID card from the Department of Foreign Affairs. Passed by the consul of the passenger There is a picture and sealed and describes the lost passport of the passenger, certified by the local police.

For international flights:Passengers making documents for international flight procedures must present a passport document or travel document or other valuable documents. Legal entry (passport) In the case that the child does not have a passport himself Is the name, date / month / year of birth and the picture of the child written and placed on the passport of the legal representative, such as father , mother , stepfather, stepmother or parents