Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Booking


1. How can I book a flight?
Booking Channels

- Call Center Service Tel. 02-089-1909
- Vietjet Air Application
- Website
- Airport Booking Counter


2. How can I change/edit my personal information (First Name, Last Name, Passport Number, etc.)
If you notice that your personal information is incorrect such as name, date of birth or passport number, please contact to change/edit at call center 08-089-1909 or or Line Official: @ThaiVietjet


3. How long I need to book my flight before departure time?
You can book a flight at least 3 hours before departure time when booking via Vietjet Air website, Vietjet Air application or Vietjet Air call center


4. How can I purchase add-on service (baggage, hot meal or seat) after I already booked the flight?
You can purchase add-on service at manage my booking on our website or contact call center at 02-089-1909  or or Line Official: @ThaiVietjet
Please note that the add-on service must be made at least 48 hours before departure time


5. Which name should I use to book a flight if I have second name?
Your booking name must be identical with your ID card/travel document/Visa and other identification documents 


6. I don’t have a last name, what should I do?
In case you only have one name such as Siranta, please put “Siranta” in both first name and last name in the booking


7. How can I put my first name and last name when booking a ticket on the website?
Passenger should put the name and last name as shown in official travel document (Passport or ID card)


8. Can I bring food and drink of my own to eat on board?
For security reasons, food and drink from outside are not allowed to bring and eat on board. Any food or drink that are self-heating are prohibited to carry-on or loaded as checked baggage


9. What is Vietjet SkyFun? And how can I apply?
SkyFun is Vietjet Air membership program which allow you to collect points for more privileges and receive our latest news. Join now at our website


10. Can I change my travel date and flight?
All types of ticket is eligible to change flight date and time. Fee and fare difference may be applied, check your ticket conditions here. For changing fee, please click here.


11. Can I purchase my seat in advance?
Advance seat selection will have extra fee for each person and each flight, please click here for seat price information and seat selection condition.


12. Who is eligible to purchase emergency exit seat?
Conditions and restrictions for seats in the emergency exit area Passengers must have the following qualifications
- 18 years old and older
- Not those who are pregnant or suspected of becoming pregnant
- Must be healthy and whole body And mind to help in the event of an emergency
- Not an elderly passenger
Not traveling with infants and / or children or people who require special assistance.
- Not a monk or a novice
- Must be a passenger who understands Thai or English well
- Other conditions shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the standard airlines
We reserved the right to change seat position for passenger in the condition where passenger did not meet the above qualifications


13. I have a problem with my booking, who I should contact?
Customer Service contact channels below
- Live Chat (Line Office, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Skyfun webchat)
- Call Center 02-089-1909
- Email:


14. Can I choose my seat after I book a flight already?
For sky boss passengers, seats can be chosen for free. (for row 1-2)
For Deluxe passengers, seat can be chosen for free except for seat row 1-2
For Economy passengers, seat can be chosen with extra fee for each person and each flight depends on the availability of the flight. See seat price by click here.



15. Do you provide baby bassinet on the flight?
Baby bassinet is not available for Vietjet Air flight.


16. What are the age used to indicate infant and child?
For infant, passenger(s) age between 14 days – below 2 years old at the date of departure
For child passenger(s), age between 2 – 11 years old at the date of departure





1. How much weight and size can I carry for carry-on baggage?
Each passenger is entitled to carry one item and / or 1 notebook bag or 1 carry bag into the cabin of the device. All items combined should not weigh more than 7 kg. Each item must not exceed 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm



2. How much liquid can I carry on board?
Liquids, gel and aerosol items in carry-on bag must not exceed 100 ml. each, maximum 10 items, all must be stored in a clear, re-sealable plastic bag.  (if the container capacity is over 100ml., that container will not be accept on board )


3. Can I carry breast milk on board?
Liquids carry on board must be stored within 100 ml. container. For breast milk, it could carry on board in proper amount to feed the baby during the flight time and must be able to prove to staff if request to examine


4. Can I carry music instrument on board?
All carry-on item must be able to be stored in overhead compartment or under the seat Each item must not exceed 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm


5. Can I carry flower, plants and seeds on board?
Flower, plant and seeds are not allowed to carry on board, unless loaded as checked baggage.


6. Can I carry power bank on board?
Power bank capacity over 32000 are prohibited to carry on board
Power bank capacity between 20000 – 32000 mAh can be carry on board but not over 2 units per passengers
Power bank capacity below 20000 mAh can be carry on board


7. I want to purchase for checked baggage/item, how much is it?
For checked baggage fee (loaded item/baggage), click here
The price above are not include VAT 7%
The price above may subject to currency exchange rate
The price above applied for the reservation made 3 hours before departure time only


8. Can I carry medical Hypodermic Needles on board?
For carrying medical needle onboard, passenger are requires to carry medical certificate which the validity are not over 90 days and must present the document to the staff at the date of departure. The certificate must indicate “the amount quantity, number of the syringe and needles the passenger needs to use during the flight time” The surplus hypodermic needles and other medical supplies which are not indicate in medical certificate must be carried within checked baggage.


9. Do you have baggage storage service?
We are not providing baggage storage service at any kind.


10. What should I do if my baggage is lost, delayed or damaged?
VietJet Air are not responsible to any damage caused by the baggage defect or quality terms such as straps, lock, scratches, small cuts, stains and smudges. VietJet Air will not responsible for any damage caused from moving, impacting or dropping during travelling by aircraft.
VietJet Air will only responsible for  the compensation on general conditions according to the exact damage but not exceed airline’s reasonability. The passenger must prove that the damage on passenger baggage according to VietJet Air terms and conditions.





1. What is the operating time of Check-in counter?




(Before scheduled Departure Time)

(Before scheduled Departure Time)

VietJet Air (VJ)

Domestic Flights

3 Hours

50 Minutes

International Flights

2 Hours

40 Minutes

Thai Vietjet (VZ)

Domestic Flights

3 Hours

45 Minutes

International Flights

2 Hours

45 Minutes



2. Can I purchase any add-on services after I did online check-in?
Add-on services can be purchase after done online check-in via call center 02-089-1909 airport rate applied.


3. What if I come to check-in late?
If passenger comes to check-in after check-in closing time, passenger will not be able to travel on the flight. See the check-in time table above for more information​​​​​​​


4. How can I check-in?
VietJet Air check-in channels
- Counter check-in
Online check-in via website ​​​​​​​
* If you have checked baggage, please drop your luggage at our check-in counter​​​​​​​


5. When can I check-in online?
Online check-in can be proceed 24 hours – 1 hour before departure time​​​​​​​


6. Online check-in is not applicable for passenger with the following conditions:
- Passengers travelling with infant, or pregnant passengers
- Passengers have limited mobility or need special assistance
- There are more than 9 passengers in the same booking code
- All check-in bag(s) must be presented at check-in counters.
- Passenger(s) who needs to present documents to staff(*)
- Young Traveller(s) ( 12-16 years old) who travels alone(*)
- Child passenger(s) (24 months – below 18 years old)(*)
Please click here for terms and condition for online check-in


7. Which travel document can be used to present at check-in counter?
For domestic flight
- Passenger must present valid identification card or passport from government official and must not expired
- If the above documents are expired, the passenger must notify at police station and bring notification document together with an expired document to present for travelling
Monk can use the original Monk Certificate as the travel document
- Passenger who has change name or last name must present an original copy of certificate of name change or a copy of certificate of name change with certify true copy signature
- Passenger age between 14 days – below 7 years old must present an Original Birth Certificate or the original copy of Birth Certificate that issued by Civil Registration Section. The photocopying document (copy from the copying machine) must be accepted if only travel with their own father or mother.
- In case infant(s) or child(s) traveling with the guardian of at least 18 years old, the letter of consent from parent is required with copy of father’s or mother’s ID card in which the owner must sign to certify for true copy and the document must be attached with the letter of consent.
- And the child who aged over 7 years old must use the original identification card or passport instead of the birth certificate.
Note: the infant/child must travel with their own father or mother or legal guardian of at least 18 years old.
- Foreigner passengers must present original passport only. For foreigner passenger whose passport is kept at the embassy for a visa extension, passengers can use a copy of the passport together with receipt of VISA extension from the embassy to travel.


For international flight
- For foreigner passengers whose Passport, Visa or ID card is lost, the passenger must present a guaranteed/certified document from the embassy or the local police station where losing the document. The mentioned document must contains picture and official stamp with the validity of 30 days from the date of issued



Travel Information


1. Can I take my pet/animal on the flight?
Vietjet Air not accepts live animal or death animal to be carried on board.​​​​​​​


2. Where can I check my flight time and boarding gate?
Flight time and boarding gate will be shown on airport LED screen at airport of your departure.​​​​​​​


3. Can I bring food and drink of my own to eat on board?
For security reasons, food and drink from outside are not allowed to bring and eat on board

4. Can pregnant passenger book a flight?
(1) Pregnant passenger with pregnancy age less than 27 weeks are not required to present medical certification but must sign refusal of indemnity document
(2) Pregnant passenger with gestation age between 28 weeks to 32 weeks at the date of departure
- Must present a medical certificate with the notation "Fit to Travel" and indicate gestation age. The validity period of the medical certificate should be within 7 days from date of issuance.
- Passenger must accept and sign refusal of indemnity document
- For security reason, Vietjet Air will not accept passenger with pregnancy age 33 weeks and above


5. Can young passenger travel alone?
Passenger age between 12- 16 years old travelling alone, the mother or the father of a young passenger must sign refusal of indemnity document at check-in counter​​​​​​​


Special Services


1. How can I request wheelchair service?
Wheel service can be requested upon airline’s terms and conditions through call center 02-089-1909 and must be made 48 hours before departure time. Please click here for more information ​​​​​​​


2. Can I bring my own electric wheelchair?
The electric wheelchair shall be accepted only if passengers received consent from the airline with terms and conditions of battery capacity applied. Passengers shall check information and submit request by click here​​​​​​​


3. Can passenger with physically challenge travel alone?
Passenger must be able to move and assist themselves independently. Due to aircraft size and security reasons, the aircraft might be located at remote parking bay. In the condition where passenger might not be able assist them entirely, Passenger must travel with a companion who can provide assistance to the passenger throughout the flight. ​​​​​​​


4. Where is SkyBoss lounge?
SkyBoss lounge is located in Miracle Lounge on Concourse D 3rd floor at departure international terminal. Passing through immigration point, down the floor at the right hand side at the gate D5. The SkyBoss lounge is located at D5 to D6
Remark: SkyBoss lounge are reserved for SkyBoss passenger who travelling internationally only. ​​​​​​​


5. What are special services for Skyboss class?
- Priority check-in counter
- Priority seat selection
- Priority baggage service
- Priority immigration lane
- Free 30 kgs of checked baggage (Plus one golf set no more than 15 kgs) + 10 kgs carry-on luggage
- Food and beverage served on board
- Luxurious lounge for SkyBoss passenger (Available for VZ International flight only)
- No fee for date/flight/route change (the change must be made 3 hours before departure time)
- Keep credit shell for unused tickets*
- Private shuttle to board the aircraft (If the aircreft parks in remotd bay)


6. What are special services for Deluxe class?
Deluxe passenger will receive privileges as the followings:
- Priority check-in counter
- Free seat selection (except SkyBoss seats)
- Free 20 Kg. of checked baggage and 7 Kg. carry-on baggage
- No fee for date/flight/route change, but fare difference may be applied (the change must be made 3 hours before departure time)​​​​​​​


Payment & Tax Invoice

1. Payment Method

- Credit/Debit Card via website or application
- QR code payment, E-Wallets, Bank Transfer (ATM/ Direct Debit/ Internet Banking) via website

- Credit/Debit Card via Call Center at 02-089-1909
- Pay via ticketing counter at nearby airport (Subvanabhumi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani, Udon Thani, Ubon Thani, Khon Kaen Airport) by choosing 'Pay Later'​​​​​​​


2. Tax Invoice
Tax invoice request can be made through this link. In case the booking has more than one payment transactions, please submit your request to​​​​​​​


3. How long does it take to receive tax invoice paper?
Tax invoice will be issued and send out within 14-21 working days after submitted.​​​​​​​


4. Tax Invoice Period
Tax invoice can be issued within 60 days from the date of booking payment ​​​​​​​


5. Payment Currency
Booking transaction can be paid with currency that specified by airline​​​​​​​


6. Can I still request tax invoice if I booked the ticket through travel agency?
Please contact your travel agency to request tax invoice 




1. If I do not wish to fly after purchasing a flight or if I could not show up for flight, can I cancel my flight and get a refund?

All type of our flight tickets is non- refundable, please click here for ticket terms and conditions​​​​​​​


2. Airport Tax
The Airport Tax can be refunded in the situation where you did not take the flight, the Airport Tax request must be submitted within 90 days after the scheduled date of flight departure via call center at 02-089-1909  or or Line Official: @ThaiVietjet